The 35th Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften Para Swimming will take place from thursday, June 17th till  June 20th in Berlin again. The Championships are one of the most prestigious paralympic swimming competitions in the world. There will be heats in the morning sessions and the Finals in the evening sessions.

Even in times of the Covid19 pandemia we will try to organize these extraordinary para event. We are awaiting outstanding sports perfomances, pure drama and a good international atmosphere in one of the most competitive paralympic swimming events in the world. The event in Berlin is known for its numerous records set in the past. The Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften 2021 will be held the 22nd time in Berlin. Our vision was the origination of a competition at the highest level of competitiveness and organization in paralympic swimming.

Even though the idea was born out of misery as the limited financial capacity mostly allows athletes to only compete in 4 international events a year, these championships in Berlin turn out to be a great event every year and many top athletes make sure not to miss it. The mission to give our young swimmers in berlin the opportunity to compete on such a high level without traveling is being accomplished for a couple of years now. Around 600 participants from over 50 nations represent the highest paralympic level with numerous World Records every year.

The IDM are established as a main event of the international paralympic swimming calendar.

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Here you will find the programme of events.

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